FGKS & Our Commitment

Outstanding and knowledgeable legal advice and services provided timely, on a client-specific basis, and in a cost-efficient manner. It is a simple commitment to our clients to which all law firms should aspire. What sets FGKS apart is our ability to consistently deliver on that commitment, ever mindful that success shall always be measured by the satisfaction of our clients. For over 30 years, FGKS has been the preeminent business, litigation, and estate planning/probate law firm in west central Ohio, serving our diverse client base located in that geographic location, the State of Ohio, and beyond. International, national, regional, and local businesses, as well as individuals, all call FGKS their home for legal needs. Many of those clients have been with FGKS for over a decade. FGKS understands the importance of strong relationships and how they enhance our value to our clients. Our strong client relationships best exemplify the value we provide as trusted advisors.

How FGKS Fulfills its Commitment

We are a client-oriented law firm. By necessity, the manner by which we fulfill our commitment to any particular client will depend on that client’s needs, goals, and risk tolerance, as well as the nature of the matter for which we are consulted. But, there are certain fundamental principles that we believe are essential to ensuring the success of our clients:

  • Excellent Legal Advice and Services – Our legal advice and legal services are of the best quality, principally because of the qualifications and experience of our attorneys. Our attorneys have excellent academic backgrounds and grow through practical experience under the close tutelage of seasoned attorneys that are ever mindful of our commitment to our clients. Your legal needs will not be left to the direction of an advisor that lacks the skills, experience, or expertise to satisfy our commitment to you.
  • Knowledge of Client – Clients have different needs, business philosophies and circumstances, deadlines, and legal and regulatory requirements, which we as legal advisors must understand and appreciate. “Cookie cutter” treatment of clients means underserved clients. We endeavor to understand these differences and make it a priority to deliver advice and services that recognize and appreciate your specific circumstances.
  • Responsiveness – We are particularly sensitive to a client’s need for timely services. FGKS is uniquely positioned to assist in meeting your goals: we are large enough to meet your legal needs, however complicated or time and effort intensive, but small enough to know one another and our clients on a professional and personal basis. Our growth as a firm relies heavily on the growth of our existing clients and on “word of mouth” recommendations from existing clients to prospective clients, recommendations that reference not only the excellent services provided, but also the timeliness in which those services are provided. We will meet your responsiveness expectations, as our existing clients would attest.
  • Client Communication – Clients deserve “bottom line” conclusions and opinions based upon available information as well as supporting legal authority and analysis. We recognize that your needs are solution-oriented, and while specific scenarios sometimes require further evaluation, ultimately you want a legal evaluation that is as complete and as comprehensive as possible. Importantly, we also recognize that legal concerns are often only one “piece of the puzzle,” particularly for businesses trying to evaluate the potential benefits and risks of a given situation. Legal concerns are an important piece of that puzzle, but are only relevant when evaluating the potential transaction, dispute or other issue from all relevant aspects. We will communicate with you in a manner that meets your needs for legal advice and with an understanding of how your legal concerns fit within the scope of your business and personal opportunities and challenges.
  • Cost-Efficient Advice and Services – Many of our firm’s principles are interrelated. Being cost-efficient involves several factors, but typically requires thorough but not unnecessary legal work, experience with the area of law at issue, and an understanding of the client and the client’s legal needs. We understand these dynamics and excel at fulfilling our client commitment in a cost-efficient manner. As with all of our clients, we will be able to meet our commitment to you at a reasonable cost.
  • Team Approach – FGKS has developed and maintained a firm culture that promotes a team atmosphere, primarily intended to ensure that work is directed to those in the firm that are best suited to the client’s specific situation. As an additional bonus, it makes for a friendly, rewarding work atmosphere. We purposefully extend that culture to our clients’ accountants, financial advisors, and other experts and professionals that provide our clients with services that are vital to realizing their goals. FGKS also partners with select legal counsel that provides expertise in specialized areas of practice, such as certain intellectual property and environmental matters. These partners are experienced providers that FGKS has developed and monitored over the years to ensure that they are well qualified to assist in delivering upon our commitment to our clients. We will provide legal representation that “fits” within your organization or family, and we will be able to work with your other advisors to deliver you the best solutions and results for the opportunities and challenges you face.
  • Community Involvement – Our attorneys excel at what they do, and there is no reason why our skills should be limited to use within our private practice. Our attorneys donate hundreds of hours every year serving as directors, trustees, and advisors to a multitude of non-profit organizations in our communities, volunteering their advice and services to those in need. While this experience does not directly benefit our clients, it does so indirectly through the professional growth of our attorneys, and relationship building with individuals and business representatives with whom our clients may interact. We will continue this approach to non-profit involvement, for the benefit it provides our clients and in order to serve the best interests of our communities.

FGKS is for You and Your Business

No matter the legal needs of you or your business, FGKS, in our opinion, is and always will be your best option. It is often true that “words are cheap.” However, this description of our firm and practice are words written with ease because we live our approach to client service on an everyday basis. For those of our then-prospective clients who have required “real world” proof, FGKS has exceeded expectations. We would welcome the opportunity to fulfill our client commitment through the delivery of client-focused, outstanding legal advice and services to you or your business.